Wednesday, March 10, 2010

goals met!

Last weekend we had our first vision walk. It was so great to see how it runs and to feel involved. Next year we'll be a little more on the ball getting our kids doing their own fund raising, but this year my Mom and I were able to donate a big chunk from our book royalties and the girls did come up with some whizbang last-minute fund-raising ideas the night before the walk:
(Just in case you are wondering about Grace's creative's a soccer, spring mix she came up with for soccer practice that night...)These girls have a wagon of cookies they went rolling around the neighborhood to sell. I'd like to note I had nothing to do with this.

Over 500 people showed up and the $80,000 goal mark was SO close to being met. Our personal "I Love Lucy" fund-raising goal was reached and we had a great time with dear friends and my dear Mother who came just for this event.Thank you FFB!! We're so happy to help race for a cure.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vision Walk

We have had so many people ask how they can help with the "I Love Lucy Project" and for that we are so very thankful!

In light of the Vision Walk coming up for our family this weekend, one woman has decided to make a difference not only with helping raise money to fight blindness, but she is making a difference in the lives of those in her family by getting them involved. She and her family have decided join the Vision Walk in their own community and have created their own "Team Lucy" in their neck of the woods. To read about it click here. (Thank you Ashley!)

To find information about whether there is a Vision Walk coming up in an area near you in the near future click here.