Wednesday, March 10, 2010

goals met!

Last weekend we had our first vision walk. It was so great to see how it runs and to feel involved. Next year we'll be a little more on the ball getting our kids doing their own fund raising, but this year my Mom and I were able to donate a big chunk from our book royalties and the girls did come up with some whizbang last-minute fund-raising ideas the night before the walk:
(Just in case you are wondering about Grace's creative's a soccer, spring mix she came up with for soccer practice that night...)These girls have a wagon of cookies they went rolling around the neighborhood to sell. I'd like to note I had nothing to do with this.

Over 500 people showed up and the $80,000 goal mark was SO close to being met. Our personal "I Love Lucy" fund-raising goal was reached and we had a great time with dear friends and my dear Mother who came just for this event.Thank you FFB!! We're so happy to help race for a cure.


  1. Great pictures! I am glad the walk was a success.

  2. What a great idea. Love the title of your blog.

  3. Shawni, could you e-mail me? I would love to help raise money and want to run some ideas by you.
    Angela Henrie